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Recruiting new girls and drivers for new Essex Escort Agency in Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester & Ipswich

Recruiting Essex girls and Essex drivers NOW!

We're a new agency looking to provide its escorts and drivers with the best rates of pay in Essex, guaranteed!
We know that escorts come and go through this industry and we know that drivers get disheartened by the low pay and tend not to stick around longer than most girls. This is wrong!
If an escort and her driver are making good money then how do they both end up drifting away?

We'll tell you why!
Either one or both will start doing private work on the side because they feel the agency is undervaluing them. We're an agency that will not undervalue you. We'll give you feedback if not weekly then certainly on a monthly basis and we'll give you hints and tips on how to increase your bookings. We'l have honest chats with you to make sure that you still want to be involved and if you don't then that is 110% fine by us, it was fun while it lasted, please come back if you change your mind!

We understand dry spells without bookings suck and we don't blame you for clocking off early on such days. We'll grumble when a job later arrives and you're not there because it's lost everyone money but we 100% understand and would more than likely have done the same thing in your position :-)

If you wish to aply as a girl or a driver, we have no forms to fill in, please just begin a conversation with us, providing the information you think we need to know along with some photos: